Are you looking for that BIG change in your life?

CHANGE is all apart of being human. We need it in order to feel like we are growing and making some sort of contribution to living while on this earth. Without change we can quite easily spiral down into a mental rut and it can easily get the best of us at times. Those who have suffered with mental health problems in either currently or in the past will know this and so in this article I want to give you guys some insight into what has not only helped myself but so many others too when it comes to getting out of a rut and finally being happy and more fulfilled with your life.

A big part of change starts with embracing your greatest FEARS instead of running away from them and for me personally, it is honestly what changed my life for the better and so I want to share this with you guys because I know the suffering it (fear) can cause and what the other side can look like once you finally break through it ! buckle in guys because this one philosophy and mindset shift truly changed my life and I hope with all my heart it can do the same for you !

The day I stopped shying away from what scared me most in life and instead listened to it and actually embraced it, my life CHANGED.

You see, you know you are failing in regards to finding your true dharma & passion in life when you fail to feel the enthusiasm and excitement of day to day life. You see, When them eyes open each day you should be filled with excitement as you get the opportunity to live another day chasing your dreams, not anxious, tired and running away from them..and that is how listening and being aware of the fears that arise in your head can actually be a blessing and not a burden.


If you are not happy with the current situation of where you’re at in life (this could be job, living situation, finances, happiness, relationships) then I want you to know and realise right now, have the ability to change these things. You don’t have to continue suffering no more. Instead of blaming others though, you need to take full responsibility on yourself and also let go of the worrying thoughts of what others might think of your actions because at the end of the day the worry you have about what others think of you is really all just FEAR. And FEAR is not real. It is your imaginary thoughts and perceptions of what you may think is real however is not. It is not the reality but just the perception that you have at the current point in time and the great thing is that you can change your perception at any stage of your life.

Why am I saying this?

Because I know what it is like to be in a job you hate and dying for a way out but you just can’t bring yourself to quit. 

I know that feeling all too well and the day that I took the leap and courage to quit and chase what I was really curious and passionate about in life was the same day that my life changed and looking back i can tell you this. 

Follow and trust your fears and what scares you most because the same thing that scares you is also the thing that can open your life up to absolute abundance and joy. 

Please remember that FEAR is not real. It is your gut and intuition telling you to have the courage to chase what you were really meant to do on this earth ! EMBRACE IT and go after your dreams because nobody else is going to do it for you, it’s on you. Take action today and thank yourself tomorrow! I hope this can help you end the suffering and open up a new life of less worry and more happiness. We all deserve to have it in this life we are blessed to have !

Life’s SHORT, be HAPPY.

Leave a comment below with some feedback on how you find these articles as not only does it mean the world for me to be able to hear back and interact with you guys as a community but it also gives me the chance to grab some very valuable feedback on how I can improve these articles in order to help those who are struggling in life and need that bit of a lift up in order to get the happiness we all deserve!

Have a great day guys, nothing but love !

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