The 6 Human needs that drives us in life

Ever been lost in life and thought to yourself..

” why am I here” or “what is it that truly drives me” ?

Or have you ever had that inner desire that you were meant for so much more than where you are currently at?

Don’t worry, I feel you.

I feel you because I have been in this exact place so many times before and to say it’s not a pleasant thought or place to be in would be a massive understatement.

It can be a hard time when you start to doubt your existence on this earth and ask questions as to why you are here or what your purpose is in life. However, that’s the beauty about this world that we live in.. to this day I am a big believer that through our biggest struggles then comes our biggest and best growth and I am here to say it’s true because I myself am living proof of it.

It wasn’t until I had enough of feeling lost in life that then I decided to finally take real action and seek out arguably life’s most sought after question.

What is it that drives us as humans !?

For a certain period of time I made it my absolute life mission to find out this question as to what it is that makes all humans tick and have that drive for more in life and iv’e come to a conclusion.

To make a long story short, after going through countless hours of researching from PUBMED research articles to TED talks, even to watching back recorded seminars held by some of the greatest psychologists of all time. I have finally come to find out what it is that we all have in common as humans that makes us tick.

It is these 6 things below.

1. Certainty: Certainty that you will be okay and that your pleasure is going to outweigh the pain.
2. Change & Variety: We are wired to keep on the move as humans, we can’t stand staying still.Whether it be with your job, body, or people. We are always looking for change.
3. Significance: Without the sense of feeling special or actually wanted in our life we can very easily get down on ourself and therefore feel very lost and unimportant.
4. Connection/Love: God created us for community. It’s important we feel and have this spark in our life. Connection is why we were originally brought to this earth and in order to truly thrive and be fulfilled in life we all must give and receive it.
5. Growth: As the great Seneca once said.. “if we are not growing, we are dying”. If we are not growing then we have nothing to look forward to. In order to truly live, you must grow.
6. Contribution: If we have nothing to give, then why are we here ? Those who live the most fulfilling lives give the most. Make it your mission to make somebody’s else’s day. You will be surprised In how much good it does to you as you have done for them. First give, then you will receive.

That is all guys, Let us know what you thought by leaving a comment below and If this article could just change 1 person’s life in the slightest of positive way then I am more than fulfilled in the work I have put into this.


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