The Mindset shift that will change your life

The words that we speak and tell ourselves day in and day out whether we are aware of them or not end up playing a massive part on who we are and what we believe we can achieve in our life. If you are someone who is struggling with finding that spark and gratitude for your life then this will be just the article for you.

You see, this simple mindset shift starts by simply changing just 2 words in which we tell ourselves all too often, and whether we realise it or not it can end up killing our happiness towards life.

Whether you are about to go to work, find yourself having to prepare dinner, or getting ready to put yourself through a workout from hell after a busy day.

Instead of thinking negative about it and saying ugh “I have to do this”. I want you to stop and instead say to yourself, “Hey, I get to do this”.

So often we complain about having to do the little things that so many others in life would literally do anything just to be able to do. So By changing our perspective from I have to into I get too will not only change your state of mind but it will change your life.

The way we look at things in our life ultimately plays a massive role on the overall quality of our lives. Right back into the BC years of life, the greatest stoics and philosophers used to always say that those who had more never lived the best lives, rather it was those who had less and were grateful for more that ended up living both longer and happier in the end.

Change your perspective, Change your life.

And as I will always say..

Make it your mission to make somebody else’s day.

Have a great day and week guys, Keep on growing and evolving into that best version of you that you can possibly be.

Nothing but positivity and Love ❤

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