How to deal with FEAR

This is such a raw topic and I felt needed to be talked about..

Have you ever had a thought or dream of achieving something that excited you so much all for it to be instantly shattered and brought back down to earth all because of a few bad thoughts in your mind..

what if I don’t make it ?

What if I get rejected ?

Or what if I fail and everybody who thinks they know me just ends up laughing in my face and telling me I told you so or think I’m dumb for just having a go at something I thought I could honestly do..

Well I sure know that I have personally had these thoughts pop up in my mind plenty of times before. Especially in my childhood days and looking back now I wish I knew back then what I currently know now..and that’s the fact that FEAR is not real. It is simply something that we make up in our head of what’s going to happen next. When in fact, nobody ever knows what is actually going to happen next, we can only predict and make assumptions and that is exactly what our thoughts try to do does to us.

SO…how do you overcome it ?

By asking yourself a particular one question…

How do you overcome something in which is not real ?

Fear is simply an illusion in which you create for yourself. Its something that has not yet actually happened, you have just come up with it in your brain.

So after all, if we cannot overcome anything that does not actually exist then you need to instead embrace and enjoy the thoughts that may come up in your head. As silly as it sounds, laugh at them and continue to tell yourself that whatever thought may come up is just a thought and that only.

Now that you have read this and are hopefully more aware, you can start you recognise when a bad thought comes up and instead replace it quickly with a different one. Simply move on and continue to enjoy yourself in the present moment and think about instead of all the good things that are going to come your way !

I’ll finish up with this simple yet powerful mantra I tell myself often.

You can either take control of your thoughts, or they will take control of you.

Hope this could help you guys ! its always a pleasure writing up on this stuff as it is my biggest passion and purpose in helping others overcome their greatest fears and live up to their highest possible potential in life.

Don’t be shy to leave a comment below or follow me on the socials, love hearing from you guys and I will always make the time to get back to you.

(Also, if you guys are interested in learning more about mental health and the topics of both psychology and philosophy then I have no doubt you will really enjoy the articles that have been producing lately!)

Give them some support and let’s all continue to grow together !

One life guys, let’s continue to reach and unlock our highest potentials !

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