How to find your craft and master it.

Some days I personally don’t know where to start or what to write about next. I do get lost in what creative piece of writing I can bring out next in order to truly help make a change in the lives of others. But what’s funny is that it is usually those days that I end up bringing out my best work.

WHY ? Because I just start.

You see, most times so many of us can have the best idea’s. However, they are worth nothing if we cannot act on them.

So many of us are too busy trying to create the De Vinci or Picasso piece of art and so we don’t start until we have the best possible plan to draw that picture or painting. But it is most times the pieces of art that we just start on without any expectations or standards that end up being the most fine pieces of work.

Don’t wait for the most perfect piece of art or work to come to you, you have to go to it. And how do you do that ?

By just starting.

By failing more times than you can count, because if we never fail then..

how can we learn? How can we grow?

The majority of us hate failing you see, we care too much about what others may think of us. We value the opinions of those who don’t know us over our own and that is where we lose ourselves and cannot understand why we are so unhappy, unfulfilled or lost in life. We become too fixed on what others want from us over what we really want from ourselves. That is where we lose track of our most gifted talents that we were gifted with at birth and instead go down a path that only fills time and replaces it with meaningless paper money instead.

The beautiful thing about life however is the many chances we get given to change, transform, and start over again. So if you have ever wanted to try something new in your life that you have always been curious about or believed you would be really good at however you have held back because of what those around you might think of you, it’s never too late. I want you to take this message as the new beginning you have been hoping for. As a sign that someone understands your current pain you are in because you know you are not in the right field of work and only doing it to please the minds of others or play it safe so you are not criticised or judged for being “different”.

Taking the leap has changed my life and I want it to have the same effect on yours!

Start today. Make this the little push you needed if you have been wanting to start something new or go after your greatest passions.The best practical advice I can possibly give you guys from personal experience that you can apply right now today is JUST START.

Little by little. step by step. You may not be great at first, nobody ever is.

It may sound clique but as the great Michael Jordon once said..

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

So go out there and take those shots. Life is to short to sit back playing it safe, living in fear of what every single person may think of you.

That is out of your control.

All you can do is focus on what you can control and show up everyday with the greater intentions of improving and bettering yourself and when you do that, you will also find that you will then start slowly improving the lives of others too. That in it’s self can be one of the greatest feeling’s you find you get in this world. That feeling of making a real difference and impact on the life of another human being.


You will not find that feeling by playing small and holding back in life. You have to go after what you know you know you are good at or truly passionate about regardless of what people think of what you do.

How do you find that out?

By putting yourself out there and trying as many new things as you possibly can. Yes, you may fail many times but you will grow and learn from every failure and in the end that will only ever shape you and bring out the best version of you that you would not of found if you did not at first even try.

Find your craft and Master it.

So you can give to others what you once wish you had.

And in that, you will find and discover not only great happiness and fulfilment, but you will impact many and at the same time discover your true highest potential.

Appreciate you guys, It’s why I do what I do and I hope this article could help you in some way.

I don’t ask for anything back, however if you want to help support my work and at the same time help out a friend or family member, share this around by clicking the share button below and I hope you can now go on to have the best day.

Nothing but Love here.

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