10 things I have learnt from life so far..

  1. In order to live fully you need to be constantly growing.

2. You should only ever focus on what you can control. Worrying about anything else will only ever take away your best energy.

3. As corny as it sounds.. Gratitude is the most powerful tool available if you are wanting to become more happy and peaceful with your life.

4. You are going to make mistakes and feel pain at stages in your life, it’s unavoidable. However, suffering from it is a choice. Instead see it as just another chance to grow and expand.

5. Don’t stress so much about what others may think of you. Always aim to be 100% you and do your best with good intentions. remember that whatever others have to say about you speaks a-lot more on them as a person than it does you.

6. If you want to achieve great things in life then you need to find a way to add as much value as possible into others lives.

7. If anyone is ever mean or acts nasty towards you, Be kind to them. they are already in a world of pain.

8. It is not about the number of friends you have in life, but the quality. Choose your friends wisely as who you hang around will have a massive impact on who you become as a person.

9. LOVE your family. They are everything.

10. Don’t be scared of chasing big goals and failing. After all, failing and making mistakes are just proof that you have at least tried and better a lot better than having the deep regret of never knowing or wishing you had tried when it is all too late.

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