Is this killing your growth and happiness in life πŸ˜―

Imagine living the same old ordinary week over a few thousand times and then getting to the end and calling it a life.

Well here’s the scary thing..

So many of us in life are doing this and at the same time wondering why we cannot produce any sort of growth or create some type of exciting change in our lives.

To many of us these days are doing this without even realising and it’s killing our happiness, dreams and growth !

Tell me..Does this sound all too familiar with you?

Monday comes around and you rock up to the same old boring job that you have been stuck in for years.You work the same hours every day 5 days a week, and wait for the weekend too come so you can live it up for just 1 day before recovering and rewinding on the next so you can be good to go again for the job that you deep down don’t like and does not inspire you one bit to be there and bring your best for. Then that dreadful same old Monday comes around again before you know it and it is time to get back too the same old routine week in week out so we can afford to just get buy and pay our way in order to just live.

Don’t you want to truly thrive !?

Why I am writing this for you today is not because I want you to feel bad or feel like your not doing enough.. it’s because I want you to live a life that truly makes you happy and fulfilled. It’s to make you more aware now so you can finally feel the urge to make that change you’ve always wanted or try something new and have a perspective that makes you not want the current week to end rather than just getting by and wanting to get into the next one. We only have so much time on this earth and we are so lucky to be born and given the opportunity to live in the time that exists right now. All I want is for more people like you reading this right now to realise the potential they have inside of them and bring out the gifts that you have been given.

It’s so easy to get lost in time and just let it go by, especially when we don’t enjoy what we do most days. Not only do we lose time when we do things that we do not enjoy or fulfil us, but it also forces us to spend the rest of the little time we have when we are not at work scrolling through socials looking at materialistic things like our Instagram feeds, tik toks, Facebook memes the list just goes on… and before you know it another day, month , year , and decade has passed and you find your still the same person in the same situation in which you found yourself last year or even beyond that and it only leads to pain in which is true potential never realised.

Instead of working hard making somebody else’s dreams come true, work just as hard and make your own become true, because it’s possible and I would not be telling you this if I hadn’t of experienced the change it had on my own life when I finally quit the 9-5 job I hated and moved into a path that brought me closer to chasing my own passions, desires, and dreams.

If you need further help in this area and just don’t know where to start or how to do it, give me a message. Whether it be in the comments or on one of my many social pages that I am active on. I always do my best in replying to everyone as one of my biggest values in life is making an impact on others and so wherever I can help I will.

Have a great day and leave a comment below if you found this in any way helpful. I appreciate you guys a lot and wouldn’t put in the time I do to these blogs otherwise. Never stop growing guys, because the day you stop growing.. you start dying. You get one life, live it at your true highest potential.

Yours Truly,


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