Are you too harsh on yourself ?

 Nothing holds us back more than our insecurities in life… 🌎💭

Here’s a few ways you can let go of being so harsh on yourself and start being happy with who you are, the struggles you’ve overcome, and the person you are today. 🙏🏼

Below are 5 things I do myself which helps me get back up whenever I feel like I’m just having one of those days!

1. Meditate daily 

2. Get up early and spend the first hour working on yourself and self development

3. Drink less. Excercise more. 

4. Sun exposure whenever possible! 

5. Start a hobby/passion you’ve always wanted too do.

staying positive is a skill that is hard too master and your not human if your positive all the time. Even the best leaders/mentors in the world have their off days so I wanna share with you guys these tips so whenever you find yourself having an off day you can give these 5 things a try !

Let us know in the comments,

Are you often too harsh on yourself ? and in what way?

Stay well guys, nothing but love here 💛

One thought on “Are you too harsh on yourself ?

  1. Hey Jack, great advice coz I no that óne thing I definately am is too harsh on myself and each and every day I’m making a positive step towards the future and like you have always told me it’s never too late!! You are so right and thanks for make me belíeve that!


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