10 things I have learnt from life so far..

  1. In order to live fully you need to be constantly growing.

2. You should only ever focus on what you can control. Worrying about anything else will only ever take away your best energy.

3. As corny as it sounds.. Gratitude is the most powerful tool available if you are wanting to become more happy and peaceful with your life.

4. You are going to make mistakes and feel pain at stages in your life, it’s unavoidable. However, suffering from it is a choice. Instead see it as just another chance to grow and expand.

5. Don’t stress so much about what others may think of you. Always aim to be 100% you and do your best with good intentions. remember that whatever others have to say about you speaks a-lot more on them as a person than it does you.

6. If you want to achieve great things in life then you need to find a way to add as much value as possible into others lives.

7. If anyone is ever mean or acts nasty towards you, Be kind to them. they are already in a world of pain.

8. It is not about the number of friends you have in life, but the quality. Choose your friends wisely as who you hang around will have a massive impact on who you become as a person.

9. LOVE your family. They are everything.

10. Don’t be scared of chasing big goals and failing. After all, failing and making mistakes are just proof that you have at least tried and better a lot better than having the deep regret of never knowing or wishing you had tried when it is all too late.


5 Habits that will completely transform your life..

  1. Having a regular morning routine.

Whether it is making your bed, showering, making a morning shake or journaling.. having a morning routine is everything. It gives you a purpose to get up for and also keeps you off just sitting in bed and scrolling through your phone simutanously which will straight away put you into a reactive state rather than being in a pro-active state. Set yourself up and win the day with a positive and structured morning routine, as the great say.. WIN THE MORNING. WIN THE DAY.

2. Meditating.

I truly believe anyone and everyone can benefit from meditating. It has changed my life personally and not in the way of spiritually awakening me or anything like that. It’s also a lot more than just sitting cross legged in one position for a certain amount of time. What it does do is teaches you to be way more present in the moment instead of regretting the past or fearing that of the future. It allows us to become more aware of our own thoughts and emotions and take control over them instead of them controlling us which can very easily happen. I could go on forever around the countless benefits medition can play on your life and highly suggest it for those looking to introduce way more calm and peace into their life.

3. Reading Daily.

The greatest leaders and most successful business men and women of this world all share one thing in common and that is that they are all avid readers. Reading not only expands the mind and continues to grow your knowledge but it also gives you a greater perspective of the world that surrounds us. By choosing to read daily, you adapt the amazing ability to get to see into the minds of what others once experienced and learnt including those who have now passed away and lived a full life’s experience already. It is where you will discover life’s greatest lessons and teaching’s and be able to apply it to your own life straight away. I am a current university student and If I am completely honest with you guys, I have learnt more from reading books than I have from my course. I am not saying at all that you don’t learn from university, because you do, you learn a lot. However it just emphasises the importance and major influence that reading has had on my life and the knowledge I have picked up from it. I will leave you with a famous quote I once read and loved to finish on the importance of picking up a book and reading daily.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

R.R. Martin

4. walk for at least 30 minutes a day

Walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercise. Being a massive health and fitness advocate myself I make sure I get in a walk a day because of the benefits it brings. From improving blood flow in the body (which pumps more oxygen and nutrients to our most vital organs) to greatly improving our mood and helping fight both anxiety and depression. Improved posture, weight loss, and a greater cardiovascular system are also many of the benefits that you will achieve just by walking daily. It is also a great chance to get away from everything that might be going on in your life or if you are like me and like to stay as productive as possible at all times, you can improve your health and knowledge and the same time by sticking the headphones on and putting on either a podcast or audiobook whilst on your walk. Game changer !

5. Get in your 7-8 of sleep per night

Last but not least, SLEEP. This is undoubtedly the most important one of them all. Lack of sleep is the number one thing that will send you to your grave a lot quicker and cut years of your life if you do not get enough of it. It is the number 1 cause to chronic diseases and something everybody should be getting if they are serious about their health and well-being. Sleep allows your body and mind to recharge and so you can bring your best self every single day and truly thrive in life instead of just getting by and surviving. It allows us to make a lot better decisions which ultimately lead to not only better thinking but a better life. Bottom line is, make sure you get your sleep ! I prioritise my sleep and make sure I get my 7-8 hours per night and that is why I am able to continue to thrive and grow every single day. It’s crucial to staying on top of your game both mentally and physically which at the end of the day, we all want right ? Get your sleep guys and watch the difference it makes on your life !

If you enjoyed reading this I hope you could learn something new and take away even just one new piece of information or habit and apply it into your own life ! These 5 habits have changed my life for the better and I hope they can also do the same for you guys!

If you are loving this type of content and getting the slightest benefit from it then leave a comment below ! I love interacting with you guys and knowing it can help just 1 person plays a massive part on why I continue to put my all into this blog.

Have a great day guys, never stop growing!


How to find your craft and master it.

Some days I personally don’t know where to start or what to write about next. I do get lost in what creative piece of writing I can bring out next in order to truly help make a change in the lives of others. But what’s funny is that it is usually those days that I end up bringing out my best work.

WHY ? Because I just start.

You see, most times so many of us can have the best idea’s. However, they are worth nothing if we cannot act on them.

So many of us are too busy trying to create the De Vinci or Picasso piece of art and so we don’t start until we have the best possible plan to draw that picture or painting. But it is most times the pieces of art that we just start on without any expectations or standards that end up being the most fine pieces of work.

Don’t wait for the most perfect piece of art or work to come to you, you have to go to it. And how do you do that ?

By just starting.

By failing more times than you can count, because if we never fail then..

how can we learn? How can we grow?

The majority of us hate failing you see, we care too much about what others may think of us. We value the opinions of those who don’t know us over our own and that is where we lose ourselves and cannot understand why we are so unhappy, unfulfilled or lost in life. We become too fixed on what others want from us over what we really want from ourselves. That is where we lose track of our most gifted talents that we were gifted with at birth and instead go down a path that only fills time and replaces it with meaningless paper money instead.

The beautiful thing about life however is the many chances we get given to change, transform, and start over again. So if you have ever wanted to try something new in your life that you have always been curious about or believed you would be really good at however you have held back because of what those around you might think of you, it’s never too late. I want you to take this message as the new beginning you have been hoping for. As a sign that someone understands your current pain you are in because you know you are not in the right field of work and only doing it to please the minds of others or play it safe so you are not criticised or judged for being “different”.

Taking the leap has changed my life and I want it to have the same effect on yours!

Start today. Make this the little push you needed if you have been wanting to start something new or go after your greatest passions.The best practical advice I can possibly give you guys from personal experience that you can apply right now today is JUST START.

Little by little. step by step. You may not be great at first, nobody ever is.

It may sound clique but as the great Michael Jordon once said..

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

So go out there and take those shots. Life is to short to sit back playing it safe, living in fear of what every single person may think of you.

That is out of your control.

All you can do is focus on what you can control and show up everyday with the greater intentions of improving and bettering yourself and when you do that, you will also find that you will then start slowly improving the lives of others too. That in it’s self can be one of the greatest feeling’s you find you get in this world. That feeling of making a real difference and impact on the life of another human being.


You will not find that feeling by playing small and holding back in life. You have to go after what you know you know you are good at or truly passionate about regardless of what people think of what you do.

How do you find that out?

By putting yourself out there and trying as many new things as you possibly can. Yes, you may fail many times but you will grow and learn from every failure and in the end that will only ever shape you and bring out the best version of you that you would not of found if you did not at first even try.

Find your craft and Master it.

So you can give to others what you once wish you had.

And in that, you will find and discover not only great happiness and fulfilment, but you will impact many and at the same time discover your true highest potential.

Appreciate you guys, It’s why I do what I do and I hope this article could help you in some way.

I don’t ask for anything back, however if you want to help support my work and at the same time help out a friend or family member, share this around by clicking the share button below and I hope you can now go on to have the best day.

Nothing but Love here.


How to deal with FEAR

This is such a raw topic and I felt needed to be talked about..

Have you ever had a thought or dream of achieving something that excited you so much all for it to be instantly shattered and brought back down to earth all because of a few bad thoughts in your mind..

what if I don’t make it ?

What if I get rejected ?

Or what if I fail and everybody who thinks they know me just ends up laughing in my face and telling me I told you so or think I’m dumb for just having a go at something I thought I could honestly do..

Well I sure know that I have personally had these thoughts pop up in my mind plenty of times before. Especially in my childhood days and looking back now I wish I knew back then what I currently know now..and that’s the fact that FEAR is not real. It is simply something that we make up in our head of what’s going to happen next. When in fact, nobody ever knows what is actually going to happen next, we can only predict and make assumptions and that is exactly what our thoughts try to do does to us.

SO…how do you overcome it ?

By asking yourself a particular one question…

How do you overcome something in which is not real ?

Fear is simply an illusion in which you create for yourself. Its something that has not yet actually happened, you have just come up with it in your brain.

So after all, if we cannot overcome anything that does not actually exist then you need to instead embrace and enjoy the thoughts that may come up in your head. As silly as it sounds, laugh at them and continue to tell yourself that whatever thought may come up is just a thought and that only.

Now that you have read this and are hopefully more aware, you can start you recognise when a bad thought comes up and instead replace it quickly with a different one. Simply move on and continue to enjoy yourself in the present moment and think about instead of all the good things that are going to come your way !

I’ll finish up with this simple yet powerful mantra I tell myself often.

You can either take control of your thoughts, or they will take control of you.

Hope this could help you guys ! its always a pleasure writing up on this stuff as it is my biggest passion and purpose in helping others overcome their greatest fears and live up to their highest possible potential in life.

Don’t be shy to leave a comment below or follow me on the socials, love hearing from you guys and I will always make the time to get back to you.

(Also, if you guys are interested in learning more about mental health and the topics of both psychology and philosophy then I have no doubt you will really enjoy the articles that https://www.mentalcurve.com have been producing lately!)

Give them some support and let’s all continue to grow together !

One life guys, let’s continue to reach and unlock our highest potentials !


The importance of having a personal philosophy in life

Having a strong personal philosophy in your life is everything. In fact, it wasn’t until I adopted my own that I truly became a lot more driven and excited to wake up each and every day with a much more powerful sense of meaning and purpose towards living and life in general. Not everyday, but most. At the end of the day we are only human and we will always have bad days, however ever since adopting my own personal philosophy into my life, the amount of good days definitely outweigh the bad and at the end of the day, that’s what we all strive for and some would do anything to have.

SO.. you’re probably wondering by now, what is a personal philosophy ?

Let me explain..

A Philosophy is simply a way in which you choose to see and perceive the world and everything that takes place around you.

You see, without a philosophy, every event that goes on around us is like a canvas with no colour or paint. Having a philosophy however adds all the colour and meaning to everything that happens to us from what it may mean to how we decide to react to it all. It all has to do with our personal philosophy in how we choose to perceive life and the events that take place in it.

The philosophy that you choose to live by plays a massive role on who you become, what you end up doing, how you think everyday, and also how react to everyday situations that take place in your life.

At the end of the day, we are all given very much the same as humans when we are born just like all computers start with the same software. However, think of a personal philosophy just like the thousands of different little programs a computer has the ability to then run. It is our personal philosophies that seperate us and make us all different as humans. It is what makes us all think, act, and react differently to everything that happens throughout our lives.

It is our unique philosophy towards health that determines what we choose to eat and drink everyday.

It is our Philosophy towards people and relationships that determine how we communicate with others day to day.

It is our philosophy towards wealth that determines the good or bad relationship we decide to have towards money, how much we have of it, and how we view those who do or don’t have it.

SO.. you get the point !

Ultimately, our personal philosophy is the major factor in how we live our life and the decisions we choose to make every single day.

Our philosophy is the exact expression of our character.

It is the definition or our beliefs.

It is the thing that creates the visions, goals, and dreams we choose to pursue and live for in life.

The standards we hold on ourselves and others.

The values in which we hold highest and live our life by.

If you have read this far, I thank you and deeply wish that this could help you in one way or another. Keep working on yourself and working towards mastering that thing you were born to truly thrive at. We all have a god given gift, it’s just about finding it and using it to the best of our ability!

Let me know if this helped you in any way below and if you have one, I would love to know what your philosophy is towards life !

Nothing but blessings, love, and positivity from me guys.

Those dreams are calling for you..


The 5 books that have changed my life .

Below I have put together a list of 5 books that I feel have made the biggest impact on my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Reading the list below and If I was to have any regrets in my life, they would simply be me wishing I had read these books a lot earlier.. they were that good. Enjoy the list guys and I hope you can find at least one of these books can impact your life like they have mine, Happy reading !

  1. Tony Robbins – Awaken the giant within

This book is at the top of my list and for a very good reason. In fact, It was that impactful that I constantly go back through it from time to time to refreshen my brain with the magic that he shares. The book’s title sums it up in a nut shell and it in fact has awoken up that giant (spark) within me. Tony is the grand master when it comes to self development and in this book he will teach you how to pretty much take control of your life and will give you the exact steps and process required in order to overcome the things that have been holding you back throughout your entire life.

2. Robin Sharma – The 5am Club

We all know that in order to master our day, it must start in the morning. In my personal opinion, this book is the only book you will ever need when it comes to mastering your morning routine. If you are someone who struggles to wake up early and find it hard to have any sort of drive or motivation rising out of bed first thing in the morning then this is the book for you. Without giving to much away, In this book Robin will share with you a specific morning ritual that allows you to bring out your most empowering and creative self and sets you up to truly win your day. He is one of the top leadership experts in the world and has sold over 15 million books across 96+ nations. He has worked with everyone from rockstars, Royalty, Billionaires, and the top CEO’s of some of the biggest known companies in the world. You will not regret this one !

3. Start with Why – Simon Sinek

if I’m honest, This book is what encouraged me most to start this blog and lead me on a path to truly listen to my heart and follow my passions more in life. Simon Sinek is a real optimist who will help you believe in yourself more if you currently struggle to and in this book he will share with you what he has learnt in how the greatest leaders, CEO’s, and organisations think and act. He will teach you how to become a great leader and most importantly, dig deep to help you find the type work that will not only inspire you but can help make a change on others. In this book you will learn why it is so important to have meaning behind the work you do and how it will lead you to a much happier and fulfilling life in which I am now living all thanks to it. If your wanting to find and do work that inspires you, this is definitely a must read !

4. Tim Ferriss – The 4 hour work week

If you haven’t heard of this book before now then one might quietly assume that you have been living under a rock ? If so, you have just been awakened. Tim Ferris is an American Entrepreneur, Tech Investor, Author, and the ultimate lifestyle living Guru. If you are desperately wanting to quit your 9-5 job and quit the well know “rat race” then you are in for a treat. In this book Tim will give you a step by step blueprint to free yourself from the 9-5 world and start living and making money on your own terms. More importantly though, this book taught me that you don’t actually have to be a millionaire to live like one and it has changed my perception of life and living for the good in so many ways. This book will teach you how to generate a passive income, boost your productivity so you can achieve more in 4 hours than some do in an entire week, and most importantly, live a life that gives you the ability to do what you want when you want, and ultimately live life on your own terms without having to take orders from somebody else your entire life. There are thousands of people who swear by this book and have shared their own success stories because of it on Tim’s website in which you can check out. This book will change your life if you follow through with it.

5. Robin Sharma – The monk who sold his ferrari

And last but not least, yes, I know.. another robin Sharma book. Trust me though, when I think of genius, the first person that comes to my mind is Robin Sharma. This book abit different to the 5am club. This book tells an extraodinary story about a guy called Julan Mantle. This guy seemed to have it all. He was a top well paid lawyer who was known for being the best at what he did and attracted the most high profile clients pulling in the kind of money most people dream of. However, Due to his popularity his work became so busy that for most of his younger and middle class years he would be entrenched in his office putting in long hours in which he though was okay due to the money he was getting paid. Then, out of know where he starts encountering serious health problems and finds himself unable to barely survive throughout each day anymore. Without giving it all away a more serious illness hits him and he finds himself questioning why he was really doing all these hours and loses his passion for not only the job but his life. So he embarks on this incredible inner journey with a Monk who teaches him the real essences of living a fulfilled and joyful life in which you will learn yourself from this book. If you are trying to search for deeper meaning in life and really find yourself and peace in this sometimes chaotic world that we can live in then you will love this book and really benefit from it. It has a world full of wisdom inside of it and Robin Sharma really is something else if you are looking to find any sort of meaning out of life.

That’s my 5 guys, Hope you could take something out of this article and pick up even just one of these 5 extraordinary books that have changed my life for the better.

Also, I would love to know.

What are some books that have changed your life ?

Let us know in the comments and have a great day 🙂


The 6 Human needs that drives us in life

Ever been lost in life and thought to yourself..

” why am I here” or “what is it that truly drives me” ?

Or have you ever had that inner desire that you were meant for so much more than where you are currently at?

Don’t worry, I feel you.

I feel you because I have been in this exact place so many times before and to say it’s not a pleasant thought or place to be in would be a massive understatement.

It can be a hard time when you start to doubt your existence on this earth and ask questions as to why you are here or what your purpose is in life. However, that’s the beauty about this world that we live in.. to this day I am a big believer that through our biggest struggles then comes our biggest and best growth and I am here to say it’s true because I myself am living proof of it.

It wasn’t until I had enough of feeling lost in life that then I decided to finally take real action and seek out arguably life’s most sought after question.

What is it that drives us as humans !?

For a certain period of time I made it my absolute life mission to find out this question as to what it is that makes all humans tick and have that drive for more in life and iv’e come to a conclusion.

To make a long story short, after going through countless hours of researching from PUBMED research articles to TED talks, even to watching back recorded seminars held by some of the greatest psychologists of all time. I have finally come to find out what it is that we all have in common as humans that makes us tick.

It is these 6 things below.

1. Certainty: Certainty that you will be okay and that your pleasure is going to outweigh the pain.
2. Change & Variety: We are wired to keep on the move as humans, we can’t stand staying still.Whether it be with your job, body, or people. We are always looking for change.
3. Significance: Without the sense of feeling special or actually wanted in our life we can very easily get down on ourself and therefore feel very lost and unimportant.
4. Connection/Love: God created us for community. It’s important we feel and have this spark in our life. Connection is why we were originally brought to this earth and in order to truly thrive and be fulfilled in life we all must give and receive it.
5. Growth: As the great Seneca once said.. “if we are not growing, we are dying”. If we are not growing then we have nothing to look forward to. In order to truly live, you must grow.
6. Contribution: If we have nothing to give, then why are we here ? Those who live the most fulfilling lives give the most. Make it your mission to make somebody’s else’s day. You will be surprised In how much good it does to you as you have done for them. First give, then you will receive.

That is all guys, Let us know what you thought by leaving a comment below and If this article could just change 1 person’s life in the slightest of positive way then I am more than fulfilled in the work I have put into this.



How to feel more at peace with your life

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try or how much you seem to be doing, its just never enough?

Your always after that next big thing whether it be a new car, house, holiday escape etc.. which is fine because it gives you something to be excited about and a reason to why you are working so hard all the time.


Remember to be careful. You see, we live in a society of always wanting more and if we are not careful or aware, we fall into the trap of wanting that next big thing for all the wrong reasons and it can eventually drive us into a place of deep unhappiness and unfulfillment. It puts us in a state where no matter what we end up having, it will never be enough because there will be always someone else you know who has more and it can become toxic, stressful, and mentally draining over time.

Now don’t get me wrong, wanting more in your life can be a really good thing and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it can be the key to being happy, content, and successful in your life.

It’s when you start to feel like you have to have that next materialistic thing because someone else has it and until you get it, your not going to be good enough, happy, or content with your life. That’s when it becomes a problem.


if you’ve read this far, I thank you and promise you won’t be disappointed because I am about to let you in on the 3 things that personally changed my life when it came to overcoming the stress and worry that was really having a huge negative effect on how I was living my life! Before I let you in on these 3 things though, I want you to develop a perspective that after all we are only human and stress is only natural. It’s about managing it when it does come along so you can reduce it and therefore live a much happier and fulfilled life! Hope these can help you abundantly !

  1. Focus your attention on things that only you can control in your life. This will free you up a lot from wasted and bad energy as you will find that most things that happen to you in your life you cannot control. Simply do and bring your best with what you can control and leave the rest up to fait. This will make you a lot more happier I promise !
  2. Exercise on a regular Basis. I know this one sounds simple but believe me when I say it can change your life in so many positive ways. Have you ever noticed how good you feel the moment you finish up a run, gym, or training session? It’s because when you exercise your body releases a whole heap of dopamine and serotonin which scientists call “the happy drug”. There are hundreds of case study’s proving the countless studied benefits of what exercise can do to not only make you happier and think clearer but help those who also suffer from anxiety and depression as well!
  3. Smile and do good deeds for others. Just By smiling our subconscious brain automatically takes us to a much happier feeling and state believe it or not! And in doing good for others, not only will it take your focus off yourself and what may be happening to you on a particular day but it will also make you feel a large amount of pride and joy for having a real impact on someone else’s life therefore doing just as much good for you as it is for them ! Everyone wins and is a lot happier from this at the end of the day.

Hope you guys enjoyed and could get something out of reading this article, even if it was just 1 thing then my purpose for spending the time on it and writing it has been filled !

Don’t be shy to reach out whether its by leaving a comment or connecting with me on one of my socials. I truly enjoy connecting with and helping you guys and hope you have a great week !


Are you looking for that BIG change in your life?

CHANGE is all apart of being human. We need it in order to feel like we are growing and making some sort of contribution to living while on this earth. Without change we can quite easily spiral down into a mental rut and it can easily get the best of us at times. Those who have suffered with mental health problems in either currently or in the past will know this and so in this article I want to give you guys some insight into what has not only helped myself but so many others too when it comes to getting out of a rut and finally being happy and more fulfilled with your life.

A big part of change starts with embracing your greatest FEARS instead of running away from them and for me personally, it is honestly what changed my life for the better and so I want to share this with you guys because I know the suffering it (fear) can cause and what the other side can look like once you finally break through it ! buckle in guys because this one philosophy and mindset shift truly changed my life and I hope with all my heart it can do the same for you !

The day I stopped shying away from what scared me most in life and instead listened to it and actually embraced it, my life CHANGED.

You see, you know you are failing in regards to finding your true dharma & passion in life when you fail to feel the enthusiasm and excitement of day to day life. You see, When them eyes open each day you should be filled with excitement as you get the opportunity to live another day chasing your dreams, not anxious, tired and running away from them..and that is how listening and being aware of the fears that arise in your head can actually be a blessing and not a burden.


If you are not happy with the current situation of where you’re at in life (this could be job, living situation, finances, happiness, relationships) then I want you to know and realise right now, today..you have the ability to change these things. You don’t have to continue suffering no more. Instead of blaming others though, you need to take full responsibility on yourself and also let go of the worrying thoughts of what others might think of your actions because at the end of the day the worry you have about what others think of you is really all just FEAR. And FEAR is not real. It is your imaginary thoughts and perceptions of what you may think is real however is not. It is not the reality but just the perception that you have at the current point in time and the great thing is that you can change your perception at any stage of your life.

Why am I saying this?

Because I know what it is like to be in a job you hate and dying for a way out but you just can’t bring yourself to quit. 

I know that feeling all too well and the day that I took the leap and courage to quit and chase what I was really curious and passionate about in life was the same day that my life changed and looking back i can tell you this. 

Follow and trust your fears and what scares you most because the same thing that scares you is also the thing that can open your life up to absolute abundance and joy. 

Please remember that FEAR is not real. It is your gut and intuition telling you to have the courage to chase what you were really meant to do on this earth ! EMBRACE IT and go after your dreams because nobody else is going to do it for you, it’s on you. Take action today and thank yourself tomorrow! I hope this can help you end the suffering and open up a new life of less worry and more happiness. We all deserve to have it in this life we are blessed to have !

Life’s SHORT, be HAPPY.

Leave a comment below with some feedback on how you find these articles as not only does it mean the world for me to be able to hear back and interact with you guys as a community but it also gives me the chance to grab some very valuable feedback on how I can improve these articles in order to help those who are struggling in life and need that bit of a lift up in order to get the happiness we all deserve!

Have a great day guys, nothing but love !

Are you too harsh on yourself ?

 Nothing holds us back more than our insecurities in life… 🌎💭

Here’s a few ways you can let go of being so harsh on yourself and start being happy with who you are, the struggles you’ve overcome, and the person you are today. 🙏🏼

Below are 5 things I do myself which helps me get back up whenever I feel like I’m just having one of those days!

1. Meditate daily 

2. Get up early and spend the first hour working on yourself and self development

3. Drink less. Excercise more. 

4. Sun exposure whenever possible! 

5. Start a hobby/passion you’ve always wanted too do.

staying positive is a skill that is hard too master and your not human if your positive all the time. Even the best leaders/mentors in the world have their off days so I wanna share with you guys these tips so whenever you find yourself having an off day you can give these 5 things a try !

Let us know in the comments,

Are you often too harsh on yourself ? and in what way?

Stay well guys, nothing but love here 💛

Is this killing your growth and happiness in life 😯

Imagine living the same old ordinary week over a few thousand times and then getting to the end and calling it a life.

Well here’s the scary thing..

So many of us in life are doing this and at the same time wondering why we cannot produce any sort of growth or create some type of exciting change in our lives.

To many of us these days are doing this without even realising and it’s killing our happiness, dreams and growth !

Tell me..Does this sound all too familiar with you?

Monday comes around and you rock up to the same old boring job that you have been stuck in for years.You work the same hours every day 5 days a week, and wait for the weekend too come so you can live it up for just 1 day before recovering and rewinding on the next so you can be good to go again for the job that you deep down don’t like and does not inspire you one bit to be there and bring your best for. Then that dreadful same old Monday comes around again before you know it and it is time to get back too the same old routine week in week out so we can afford to just get buy and pay our way in order to just live.

Don’t you want to truly thrive !?

Why I am writing this for you today is not because I want you to feel bad or feel like your not doing enough.. it’s because I want you to live a life that truly makes you happy and fulfilled. It’s to make you more aware now so you can finally feel the urge to make that change you’ve always wanted or try something new and have a perspective that makes you not want the current week to end rather than just getting by and wanting to get into the next one. We only have so much time on this earth and we are so lucky to be born and given the opportunity to live in the time that exists right now. All I want is for more people like you reading this right now to realise the potential they have inside of them and bring out the gifts that you have been given.

It’s so easy to get lost in time and just let it go by, especially when we don’t enjoy what we do most days. Not only do we lose time when we do things that we do not enjoy or fulfil us, but it also forces us to spend the rest of the little time we have when we are not at work scrolling through socials looking at materialistic things like our Instagram feeds, tik toks, Facebook memes the list just goes on… and before you know it another day, month , year , and decade has passed and you find your still the same person in the same situation in which you found yourself last year or even beyond that and it only leads to pain in which is true potential never realised.

Instead of working hard making somebody else’s dreams come true, work just as hard and make your own become true, because it’s possible and I would not be telling you this if I hadn’t of experienced the change it had on my own life when I finally quit the 9-5 job I hated and moved into a path that brought me closer to chasing my own passions, desires, and dreams.

If you need further help in this area and just don’t know where to start or how to do it, give me a message. Whether it be in the comments or on one of my many social pages that I am active on. I always do my best in replying to everyone as one of my biggest values in life is making an impact on others and so wherever I can help I will.

Have a great day and leave a comment below if you found this in any way helpful. I appreciate you guys a lot and wouldn’t put in the time I do to these blogs otherwise. Never stop growing guys, because the day you stop growing.. you start dying. You get one life, live it at your true highest potential.

Yours Truly,


The Mindset shift that will change your life

The words that we speak and tell ourselves day in and day out whether we are aware of them or not end up playing a massive part on who we are and what we believe we can achieve in our life. If you are someone who is struggling with finding that spark and gratitude for your life then this will be just the article for you.

You see, this simple mindset shift starts by simply changing just 2 words in which we tell ourselves all too often, and whether we realise it or not it can end up killing our happiness towards life.

Whether you are about to go to work, find yourself having to prepare dinner, or getting ready to put yourself through a workout from hell after a busy day.

Instead of thinking negative about it and saying ugh “I have to do this”. I want you to stop and instead say to yourself, “Hey, I get to do this”.

So often we complain about having to do the little things that so many others in life would literally do anything just to be able to do. So By changing our perspective from I have to into I get too will not only change your state of mind but it will change your life.

The way we look at things in our life ultimately plays a massive role on the overall quality of our lives. Right back into the BC years of life, the greatest stoics and philosophers used to always say that those who had more never lived the best lives, rather it was those who had less and were grateful for more that ended up living both longer and happier in the end.

Change your perspective, Change your life.

And as I will always say..

Make it your mission to make somebody else’s day.

Have a great day and week guys, Keep on growing and evolving into that best version of you that you can possibly be.

Nothing but positivity and Love ❤