Are you too harsh on yourself ?

 Nothing holds us back more than our insecurities in life… 🌎💭 Here’s a few ways you can let go of being so harsh on yourself and start being happy with who you are, the struggles you’ve overcome, and the person you are today. 🙏🏼 Below are 5 things I do myself which helps me getContinue reading “Are you too harsh on yourself ?”

How to deal with FEAR

This is such a raw topic and I felt needed to be talked about.. Have you ever had a thought or dream of achieving something that excited you so much all for it to be instantly shattered and brought back down to earth all because of a few bad thoughts in your mind.. what ifContinue reading “How to deal with FEAR”

What is Anxiety and how can we manage it !?

Anxiety can hold you back from so many things in life. It can be the thing that ruins athletes careers and stops everyday people from performing at their best. It can stop people from finding out what their true highest potential was and lead many asking the dreadful questions later on in life of “whatContinue reading “What is Anxiety and how can we manage it !?”